The Company


2007: Previous technology Ideas

  • FP6-EU Project “SABIO”
  • Commercial interest by Industrial Partners: a large Market
  • Regional projects: Optoflu

2008: Starting to protect the technology

  • Patent for novel traducers called BICELLs
  • National project “BIOPSIA”
  • Scientific diffusion of the IDEA

2009: Evaluating the commercial opportunity of the IDEA

  • Technology of transducers proof of concept
  • Overview of potential industrial partners
  • Prize of the second Innovative Idea under the UPM program for the creation of Technology-based Companies
  • Definition of the BIOD financial and legal framework
  • INNOCASH action awarded by FECYT
  • Business Plan
  • Technology surveillance Report

2010: Creation of BIOD

  • Corporate constitution of BIOD S.L.
  • Biochips demonstration for several Bio-applications
  • Successful performance evaluation of BICELLs
  • Vision strategy for BIOD to be a long term initiative
  • Study of private funding possibilities: Venture capital, BA, Industrial, etc.

2011: Developing the whole technology

  • BIOD participation in FP7 EU initiative PRONANO
  • Evaluation of different Readout platforms
  • Award of the project INNBIOD to develop a PoC for Ophthalmology
  • Industrial Partners. Agreement to commercialize the Technology through BIOD
  • BIOD significantly improves the speciation of the first Business Plan

2012: Developing a new concept of compact cost-effective PoCs

  • Successful single blind trial for Infectious Diseases
  • Discovering of a novel readout method for advanced compact platforms
  • New patent for compact readout PoCs
  • Prof-of-concept of the whole technology for infectious diseases
  • Testing proteins for ophthalmology applications

2013: New ideas for future

  • National project PLATON award
  • 7FP-EU Project EnviGuard award
  • Contract for commercialization with private companies
  • Successful Tests of several Bioaplications
  • Evaluation of alternative and complementary technology
  • Evaluation for other business opportunities

2014: Products for starting commercialization

  • Product development for Compact PoC
  • Product development for Rapid Quantitative Test
  • Cooperation agreements for transferring alternative technologies
  • Starting to develop other business opportunities



Spanish Biotech Platform

Nanomed Spain


                    Vet+i Platform

 The Spanish Technological Platform for Innovative



Sello Pyme Innovadora 2018




BIOD head office:

C/ Isaac Peral, 1

28840 Mejorada del Campo



Tlf: +34 91 452 48 27

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